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Ponsse Forwarder Game

The Ponsse Forwarder Game is a teaching aid for job planning to be used in forwarder operator training for young people and adults alike.

The game allows the teacher to simulate different types of exercise scenarios for job planning. The students will receive a detailed report on their performance. The report indicates not only the end result, but also all the stages through which the end result was reached. The game focuses only on training strategic decision making, not actual machine operation. After each machine transfer, the software calculates changes corresponding to actual work situations in the operating time of the machine and the production simulation.

The teaching environment can be used in several different ways. It can, for example, be used for:

• comparing different types of work techniques under identical conditions;
• teaching different types of work techniques;
• practising job planning;
• studying new operating models for short-distance hauling of wood.

The purpose of the game is to teach job planning to the students so that they learn to perform jobs in the minimum amount of time. The students will learn how to optimise their driving routes and working order so as to minimise machine operating distance and fuel consumption. They will also learn to consider unloading already at the loading stage.


Download and install the game on your computer here.

Ponsse Forwarder Game (.exe, 45.70 MB)


Download the English manual here.

Ponsse Forwarder Game ENG (.pdf, 3.37 MB)