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Logistics is the key

Performed correctly, long-distance transportation of the wood to the mill can be accomplished at considerably lower cost and with greater efficiency using the cut-to-length method than with the tree-length method.
For example, with the cut-to-length method the sawlogs are taken directly to the sawmill, veneer bolts straight to the plywood or veneer mill, and pulpwood directly to the paper or pulp mill. In this way, the trip is shorter than with the tree-length method, in which the whole trunk is usually taken first to the sawmill, where the bark is removed and the portion suitable for sawlogs is cut from the trunk.

The remainder, destined for pulpwood, is usually chipped, loaded onto a truck again and transported onward to the paper or pulp mill. Pulpwood is therefore handled more times using the tree-length method than with the cut-to-length method, and the pulpwood transportation distance is almost always longer.

Moreover, with cut-to-length logs, you can take advantage of roundtrip transport. This means that when sawlogs or suchlike are loaded at the felling site and taken to the sawmill, the same truck can then carry a pulpwood load on to the paper mill.