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A trip to Germany


Ponsse premieres in the international markets in 1974. A massive storm hits Germany, knocking down trees everywhere, and a large amount of foreign equipment is needed for harvesting the trees felled by the storm.

Einari finds this out and hears that the job is well compensated, and goes to check out the logging site with Olavi Kauhanen. Olavi, the loggers and Ponsse travel to Germany. The machine is transported on a pallet to the harbour and by ship to Travemünde, but nobody has remembered to book transportation to the German logging site more than 70 kilometres away. Olli and some other Finnish contractors and their machines wait in the harbour. Because no means of transportation is available, Olli mounts his Ponsse and sets off along the German motorway while the others follow. This is an unusual sight - the forest machines slowly chugging along the edge of the road, one of them actually carrying a Finnish sauna in the load space…

It's in the game


The national pastime of Ponsse employees - Laistokatko card game.

This noble card game has maintained its role as regular coffee break entertainment for decades.