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Ponsse 35 years


Ponsse’s 35 years of operation are celebrated at the Vieremä factory extension with 2,200 guests.

Einari receives the "Vuoden metsäteko" award in recognition of his contribution to the forest sector.

Einari is rewarded by Nordea Bank and the Society of Finnish Professional Foresters for establishing a foundation that increases the appreciation of mechanised harvesting, and for his involvement in setting up a scientific fund.

Road to renewal


The factory extension, including an assembly hall and a customer service centre, is completed.

The new facilities of the Iisalmi Service Centre are completed.

Erkki Tarvainen, Einari's first ever employee, retires in February 2005.

Ponsse Latin America is established in Brazil in April.
Ponsse acquires 92% of the shares of Lako Oy.

Einari Vidgrén Foundation established


Einari establishes a foundation bearing his name in April.

The purpose of the foundation is to make the entrepreneurship related to wood harvesting better known and to make the mechanised harvesting sector more interesting as an employer, especially among the young.

New sponsorship contracts


Ponsse announced the sponsorship contracts with javelin thrower Tero Pitkämäki, WRC-driver Mikko Hirvonen and the hockey team KalPa.