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  • Bioenergy


The economical harvesting of energy wood calls for effective, productive methods. PONSSE Bioenergy products make the harvesting of energy and small wood flexible and efficient. Energy wood can be harvested simultaneously with industrial wood, cut separately, or the harvesting equipment can be harnessed solely for the harvesting of industrial wood, where necessary.


Timber weight scaling: PONSSE LoadOptimizer.

Load scale

The PONSSE LoadOptimizer load scale is a solution for weighing loads. It weighs, sorts, saves and manages load data automatically during the work.

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Efficient technology for the harvesting of small-diameter trees


The multi-stemming function of harvester heads is a solution for the productive harvesting of partially-delimbed or undelimbed pulpwood and energy wood.

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Variable load areas

Flexibility in the transportation of industrial and energy wood.

Variable load areas

The mechanically or hydraulically variable load areas (VLA) designed by Ponsse enable the best possible utilisation of the load area.

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The PONSSE Fox and PONSSE Wisent, equipped with suitable accessories, offer a solution to be used in combined industrial and energy wood harvesting.

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