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Harvester cranes

Ponsse’s versatile harvester crane selection provides special power and extra reach for all conditions.


At our customers’ request, the boom head has been developed so that it allows the use of a multi-plate swing damper, which allows the harvester head to be used in a quicker and more controlled way.

Sliding boom cranes

Ponsse's sliding boom harvester cranes have become a concept in their own right in the CTL forest machine market. For over two decades now they have been a trademark of Ponsse harvesters and one of the key factors in their efficiency. Get to know the new PONSSE C2, C5 and C6 sliding boom cranes!


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The easy controllability and stability brought about by the light structure increase the productivity of the work, while the efficient movements reduce fuel consumption.

Parallel cranes

The flexible usability, lightness and excellent efficiency of the Ponsse parallel cranes guarantee efficient and economical performance. The PONSSE parallel cranes expand harvesting possibilities to cover all harvesting conditions more efficiently than ever before.

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