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Base machines: Elephant, ElephantKing

Ponsse presents the new loader for Elephant and ElephantKing forwarders. The completely new PONSSE K121 loader offers a new level of efficiency and speed for load handling in tough conditions.

The new PONSSE K121 loader extends Ponsse’s loader series to a completely new size range. The new loader combines high slewing torque and lifting power, increased reach, and a new type of loader geometry that is easy to control. These innovations come together to create the most powerful loader on the market. It enables shorter loading and unloading times, facilitates working in conditions where load handling takes up a large proportion of the working time, and makes it easier to work on sites where large trees must be handled and on slopes that demand great power of loaders.


Technical details - PONSSE K121

Slewing torque (gross)
48 kNm
Lifting moment (gross)
195 kNm
8 / 10 m (26 ft/33 ft)