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Tractive force and agility

All Ponsse forwarder models have ample power for varying conditions and the most challenging terrain. It´s extremely favourable ratio of net weight to load bearing capacity, the smallest turning radius in its size class and dimensions that spread the weight evenly over all of the wheels, are hard to beat.


Superior carrying capacity and tractive force in extreme conditions


The PONSSE ElephantKing forwarder is designed for extremely demanding conditions and heavy loads. The ultimate tractive force, powerful engine and the staggering 20-tonne carrying capacity guarantee efficient timber transportation both on sloping sites and during long transports.

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A powerful machine with great load carrying capacity and superior tractive force designed for demanding operating conditions


The PONSSE Elephant forwarder carries your loads with unprecedented speed and transport efficiency. The torque and tractive force of this powerhouse with an 18-tonne carrying capacity have been designed for extremely demanding purposes and conditions. The machine’s superior performance becomes particularly evident on steep slopes, thick snow, and when the forwarding distances are long.

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The king-size carrier of heavy loads


PONSSE BuffaloKing provides its operator with a powerful Ponsse K100+ loader, large carrying capacity, powerful Mercedes-Benz engine and a strong frame. With a carrying capacity of 18 tonnes (39,683 lbs), this machine was designed to be reliable and powerful with the minimum additional weight.

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Efficient and reliable middle-sized forwarder


The PONSSE Buffalo is a highly efficient and reliable middle-sized forwarder which is excellent for thinning and regeneration felling.

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PONSSE Buffalo ActiveFrame

PONSSE ActiveFrame - True comfort in forwarders.


PONSSE ActiveFrame is a cabin suspension system for 8-wheelers. It has a simple and functional structure, suspending any sideways movement directed at the driver effectively and unnoticeably.

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The most productive forwarder in its size category is now even more powerful.


Upgraded through New Model Series, the PONSSE Elk is even more convincingly the most productive forwarder in its size category.

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A powerful all-round forwarder suitable for various tasks from thinning to final felling.


PONSSE Wisent is an excellent all-round forwarder suitable for a range of tasks, from thinning to regeneration felling.

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A lightweight and agile forwarder for low-land forests and soft terrain.


PONSSE Gazelle brings the most modern forwarder technology on the market to the smaller 10-ton size class.

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An environmentally friendly approach to harvesting


PONSSE 10w is an efficient and reliable solution for productive harvesting on soils that bear heavy loads poorly, thereby preserving the terrain and environment all year round.

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Bison Active Frame

Unbeatable powerhouse for long transport distances

Bison Active Frame

Speed and efficiency – first-rate productivity! The next generation PONSSE Bison Active Frame forwarder is here. Unprecedented in the field, the CVT power transmission and Active Frame cabin suspension system raise productivity to an entirely new level, especially with long transport distances.

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PONSSE Long Bogie

A new, long bogie option is available for 8-wheel PONSSE Wisent, Elk and Buffalo models, intended for harvesting in soft conditions.

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