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Loaders: K70+
Load carrying capacity: 12 000 kg (26,455 lbs)
Available 8-wheeler 

The PONSSE Wisent is an excellent all-round forwarder suitable for a range of tasks, from first thinning to regeneration felling. What is familiar from the previous model is the large load space, great driving geometry and high loading capacity in relation to net weight.

Features include the much increased engine performance, higher tractive force and the even more functional and maintenance-friendly structure, making daily refuelling and checks very easy. The cabin offers plenty of storage space, functional spatial solutions and even more high-quality materials.

The PONSSE Wisent is an excellent all-round forwarder suitable for a range of tasks, from thinning to regeneration felling. Thanks to excellent weight distribution and geometry, damage to soil is minimal and driving is easy also on dense and curvy thinning routes – the rear wheels follow the front wheels precisely so the driver can fully concentrate on work


Technical details - PONSSE Wisent

Minimum weight, 8-wheeler
16 300 kg (35 935 lbs)
Typical weight, 8-wheeler
17 300 kg (38 139 lbs)
9 080-9 930 mm +glide bunk 610 mm (357-391 in + glide bunk 24 in)
2 690-2 840 mm (106-112 in)
Ground clearance
645 mm (25 in)
Transportation height
3 810 mm (150 in)
Steering angle
+- 44 degrees
Outer turning radius (short rear frame)
7.5 m (25 ft)
Slewing torque (gross)
24.5 kNm
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
106 kNm
7,9 / 10 m (26 / 33 ft)
Mercedes-Benz/MTU OM934 LA EU Stage V /Tier 4 Final / Mercedes-Benz/MTU OM 924 LA EU Stage IIIA
EU Stage V and Tier 4F: 150 kW (204 hp) / EU Stage IIIA: 145 kW (197 hp)
1 200 - 1 600 rpm (EU Stage V and Tier 4F: 850 Nm, EU Stage IIIA: 705 Nm)
Tractive force
165 kN (37,093 lbf)
Driving speed
0–20 km/h (0-12 mph)
Fuel tank volume
150 l (40 gal US)
Hydraulic system
Control system
PONSSE OptiControl
Working pump
145 cm3 (8.8 cu in)
Oil tank volume
130 l (34.3 gal US)
8-wheeler, front
600/55-26,5“ or 710/45–26,5”
8-wheeler, rear
600/55-26,5“ or 710/45–26,5”
Several different grapple alternatives
Load space
Load carrying capacity
12 000 kg (26,455 lbs)
Load space cross-sectional area
4,0-4,5 m2 (43-48 sq ft)
Load space length
4 190-5 040 mm (165-198 in) + glide bunk 610 mm (24 in)

Plenty of optional equipment is available in addition to the comprehensive PONSSE Wisent standard equipment. Consult your nearest Ponsse Service Center or dealer for more information on the standard and optional equipment.