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PONSSE H77euca

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Base machine: PONSSE Ergo, PONSSE Ergo 8w, PONSSE ScorpionKing and track based machines over 20 tons

PONSSE H77euca harvester head is specially designed for efficient harvesting of eucalyptus – without compromises. The geometry and technical features have been chosen to maximize productivity through effective debarking, strong feeding and fast sawing. Also durability and easy maintenance are key factors in the new design.

PONSSE Opti control system offers the ultimate features to suit the H77euca best for each working conditions and operator preferences. The operator doesn’t need to adapt to the control system – the control system is adapted for the operator.

  • A powerful and robust debarking head – a kit for conventional logging also available
  • Variable geometry of feed rollers to optimize feeding
  • Fast, strong feeding & extremely fast cutting
  • Strong, cast delimbing blades with extended tips for easy picking up of trees
  • Easy settings through PONSSE Opti4G control system

Technical details - PONSSE H77euca

Weight from (depending on the equipment)
1,300 kg (2,866 lbs) excl. rotator
1,590 mm (62.6 in)
1,580 mm (62.2 in)
Height without rotator
1,680 mm (66.1 in)
Feed roller
Feed system
2 rollers
Feed force
25/29 kN (5,620/6,520 lbf)
Feeding speed
5,5-6 m/s (18.1–19.7 ft/s)
Maximum opening
600 mm (23.6 in)
Declimbing unit
Number of knives
Maximum opening of front knives
600 mm (23.6 in)
Maximum opening of rear knives
630 mm (24.8 in)
Delimbing knives and feed rollers are separately controlled
Tracked carrier
Operating pressure
28 MPa (4,061 psi)
Carrier weight (min)
20-25 tons
Measuring and control automatics
Measuring device