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Productivity is an asset

The Ponsse selection of harvesters covers all aspects of wood harvesting. The best wood harvesting productivity is achieved using versatile, efficient machinery. Ponsse harvesters are suitable for all harvesting, from the initial thinning to the heavy final felling.

ponsse cobra

Efficient tool for varying conditions


The new PONSSE Cobra harvester is a versatile and efficient tool for varying conditions. PONSSE Cobra is a highly adaptable eight-wheel all-round machine whose extensive equipment selection enables a wide variety of cutting and work methods.

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The completely upgraded powerhouse.


The 8-wheeler PONSSE Bear is the largest harvester in the Ponsse product range and an unbeatable powerhouse for thick trees and demanding conditions.

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PONSSE ScorpionKing

Superior power and ergonomics.


Incredible visibility and steering, unbeatable stability, excellent performance provided by the double-circuit hydraulics – bearing the environment in mind and with minimum surface pressure. The PONSSE ScorpionKing offers improved productivity, cost-efficiency and comfort to the most challenging logging sites.

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Superior power and ergonomics.


Incredible visibility and steering, unbeatable stability, power and productivity – bearing the environment in mind and with minimum surface pressure. The PONSSE Scorpion raises productivity and ergonomics in harvesting to a whole new level and sets the future standard for the driver’s working environment.

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An ergonomic and powerful harvester

Ergo 8w

The PONSSE Ergo 8w is an ergonomic and powerful harvester for demanding harvesting conditions and steep slopes.

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PONSSE Ergo ActiveFrame - True comfort in logging.

Ergo ActiveFrame

PONSSE ActiveFrame is a cabin suspension system for 8-wheelers. It has a simple and functional structure, suspending any sideways movement directed at the driver effectively and unnoticeably.

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An ergonomic and efficient general harvester suitable for tasks from thinning to heavy-duty regeneration felling


The efficient Mercedes-Benz engine and the dual circuit hydraulic system ensure that Ergo’s performance in its size class is unbeatable – it is a real power pack at all sites. The cabin ergonomics, the service-friendly and sturdy structure of the machine, and the best customer support on the market ensure that PONSSE Ergo has productive working hours – year after year.

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An agile thinning harvester for difficult terrain and soft conditions


The PONSSE Fox harvester offers the newest technology and reliable basic solutions for excellent overall efficiency. An innovative crane, good visibility, eight wheels and low surface pressure make Fox perfectly suited for demanding conditions and soft terrain. 

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An efficient and economical all-round machine.


The multipurpose PONSSE Beaver is excellent for harvesting from first thinning to regeneration felling.

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