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Harvester heads: H5, H6
Cranes: C44+

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The PONSSE Fox harvester offers the newest technology and reliable basic solutions for excellent overall efficiency. An innovative crane, good visibility, eight wheels and low surface pressure make Fox perfectly suited for demanding conditions and soft terrain.

The eight-wheel PONSSE Fox is at home on soft soil and slopes. Easy and comfortable working is assured. With a type of crane located close to the cabin, the driver has an excellent view over the surrounding work site. The powerful engine and solid cylinder frame lock make both harvesting and navigating the site easy and efficient. The machine’s eight wheels and crane’s low centre of gravity ensure steady movement in all conditions.

The PONSSE C44+ parallel crane is designed specifically for thinning jobs. Despite this, the machine is effective on all kinds of sites, thanks to its 36 feet (11-metres) reach and the versatile PONSSE H5 harvester head. Developed for efficient thinning, PONSSE H5 is a general harvester head, designed with particular attention to smooth multistemming.

The PONSSE Fox harvester combines reliability and innovation. The fast yet economical feed and cutting of the PONSSE H5 harvester head guarantee high productivity under all operating conditions. The Opti4G information system enables multi-stemming without any mechanical changes to the harvester head. PONSSE Fox can also be equipped with the adept H6 harvester head, for a reach of up to 34 feet (10.3 metres).


Technical details - PONSSE Fox

Minimum weight
19 200 kg (42 329 lbs)
Typical weight
20 200 kg (44 533 lbs)
8 175 mm (322 in)
2 640-2 930 mm (104-115 in)
Ground clearance
655 mm (25.8 in)
Transportation height
3 660 mm (143 in)
Slewing torque (gross)
PONSSE Beaver 40 kNm, PONSSE Fox 52 kNm, PONSSE Ergo 57 kNm, PONSSE Cobra 57 kNm
Crane tilt angle
PONSSE Fox ±15°, PONSSE Beaver -12 °/+18°, PONSSE Ergo ±20°, PONSSE Cobra ±20°
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
PONSSE Beaver and Fox 230 kNm, PONSSE Ergo 250 kNm, PONSSE Cobra 250 kNm
PONSSE Fox:10-11 m (32.8-36 ft ) (H5, H6), PONSSE Beaver: 10-11 m (32.8-36 ft) (H5, H6), PONSSE Ergo: 8,6/10/11 m (28.2/32.8/36 ft ) (H5/H6/H7), PONSSE Cobra: 8,6/10/11 m (28.2/32.8/36 ft ) (H5/H6/H7)
Mercedes-Benz/MTU OM934 LA EU Stage V /Tier 4 Final or Mercedes-Benz/MTU OM 924 LA EU Stage IIIA
EU Stage V and Tier 4F: 150 kW (204 hp) / EU Stage IIIA: 145 kW (197 hp)
1 200 - 1 600 rpm (EU Stage V and Tier 4F: 850 Nm, EU Stage IIIA: 705 Nm)
Tractive force
175 kN (39 341 lbf)
Fuel tank volume
300 l (66 gal UK)
Hydraulic system
Control system
PONSSE OptiControl
Hydraulic circuits
Separate filtering and cooling circuits
Working pump
210 cm3 (12.8 cu in)
Oil tank volume
170 l (37.4 gal UK)
600/55-26.5'' or 710/45-26.5''
600/55-26.5'' or 710/45-26.5''
Harvester head
H5 H6
Weight from (depending on the equipment)
900 kg (1,984 lbs) excl. rotator 1,050 kg (2,315 lbs) excl. rotator
Feed system
3 feed rollers 3 rollers
Feed force
19 kN (4,271 lbf) 25 kN (5,620 lbs)
Maximum opening
530 mm (20.8 in) 600 mm (23.6 in)
Feeding speed
6 m/s (20 ft/s) 6 m/s (19.7 ft/s)

Plenty of optional equipment is available in addition to the comprehensive PONSSE Fox standard equipment. Consult your nearest Ponsse Service Center or dealer for more information on the standard and optional equipment.