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Wood procurement

Ponsse’s versatile Opti software makes the planning and management of wood procurement, harvesting and logistics information more effective within the wood procurement chain.


The OptiEditor program draws up a standardized APT file for controlling the marking for bucking, determining species, desired assortments and dimensions, log distributions and color marking lists. The OptiSimu program ensures that the APT control file for marking for bucking works faultlessly before it is delivered to the harvester. The OptiStem program analyses the trunk data collected by the harvester so a stand that best corresponds to the site to be cut can be selected and shaped for OptiSimu simulation for marking for bucking.

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The OptiReport reporting program reads, saves and reports the standardized output, efficiency and time monitoring information generated by the harvester. Reports are logically formulated and can be analyzed both numerically and graphically.

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Harvesting management

The OptiPlanner program is used to draw up accurate harvesting instructions for forest machine operators. The OptiComm data transfer tool can be used particularly for e-mailing the cutting data files from the machine to the office and vice versa.

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