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Control file for marking for bucking
The OptiEditor program draws up a standardized APT file for controlling the marking for bucking, determining species, desired assortments and dimensions, log distributions and color marking lists. With OptiEditor, it is possible to optimize the goals of the forest owner and the production facility. The Opti software enables logs to be fully exploited and the forest owner benefits maximally from the forest.

OptiEditor reads and creates APT files complying with the StanForD standard. It is part of the harvester’s Opti information system.


APT control simulation
The OptiSimu program ensures that the APT control file for marking for bucking works faultlessly before it is delivered to the harvester. The program enables cutting to be simulated for a stand on the basis of the trunk data collected during felling. It is thus possible to assess the achievement of the goals set and the effects of control file changes on log yield and log distribution. Based on the results, it is possible to optimize the best possible APT file for each stand and to thus improve the cutting result and raw-material quality.


Trunk data analysis
The OptiStem program analyses the trunk data collected by the harvester so a stand that best corresponds to the site to be cut can be selected and shaped for OptiSimu simulation for marking for bucking. The OptiStem reads .stm files complying with the StanForD standard.

OptiEditor, OptiSimu, OptiStem and OptiReport is available in the PONSSE OptiOffice 2 -package.