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Harvesting management


Compilation of harvesting instructions
The OptiPlanner program is used to draw up accurate harvesting instructions for forest machine operators. Harvesting instructions cover all of the information relevant to the work, such as data on the timber purchaser and seller, cutting type, protected areas, areas to be avoided, road condition and the assortments to be cut.

Before delivering the harvesting instructions to the machine, a stand map and a file controlling the marking for bucking are included in the instructions. The OptiPlanner program is directly linked to the OptiComm data transfer program.


Data transfer
The OptiComm data transfer tool can be used particularly for e-mailing the cutting data files from the machine to the office and vice versa. Opti-Comm automatically organizes the received data in appropriate directories and links outgoing files to ready-made message templates. Largely automated e-mail communications speed up and facilitate the communications between the machine and office.

OptiPlan Viewer

Receiving and viewing of harvesting instructions
The OptiPlan Viewer for viewing harvesting instructions has a clear, easy-to-use design. With the program, the operator can receive new harvesting instructions quickly, and it also contains a direct link to the OptiComm data transfer program. OptiPlan Viewer provides the operator with all of the data that he/she needs before starting the cutting work. Stand identification data are linked to the Opti5 information system directly to the point where the harvesting area starts, which facilitates the starting of stand cutting and ensures the correctness of the identification data when reporting cutting output data. Where necessary, the program will send a confirmation message to the sender of the harvesting instructions, which ensures fluent communications in both directions.