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Reporting and monitoring of outputs
The OptiReport reporting program reads, saves and reports the standardized output, efficiency and time monitoring information generated by the harvester and forwarder. Reports are logically formulated and can be analyzed both numerically and graphically.

A measuring certificate can be printed in the harvester cab, showing logging volumes and species and measurements for several stands. With the OptiReport, it is possible to analyze the overall yield from several stands and harvesters, monitor the drivers’ output and use of time, the output, consumption and utilization rate of the machine and other machine-specific data over a period of time.

The more versatile OptiReport provides clear reports in compliance with StanForD for timber volume as single trunks and as multi-stemming.

OptiReport can be used to read working hours and efficiency monitoring reports in DRF format, in addition to standardised output reports in PRD and PRL format. OptiReport includes a comprehensive selection of key indicators for monitoring and developing the productivity and functionality of the company, its drivers and machines, such as machine utilisation degree, distribution of working hours, and different kinds of accurate machine- and driver-specific consumption data.

The OptiReport reads .prd and .drf files complying with the StanForD standard and has been integrated into the harvester’s Opti information system and the forwarder’s OptiForwarder information system. OptiReport is available in PONSSE OptiOffice 1 and OptiOffice 2 -packaces.