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PONSSE Synchrowinch

PONSSE Synchrowinch category

PONSSE traction assistance winch helps achieving high productivity in steep ground operations. It allows operating the same machines in flat and steep work sites with no need for additional machinery or methods. PONSSE Synchrowinch preserves soil from rutting and erosion, saves fuel and reduces stress in drive transmission components.

PONSSE Synchrowinch allows effective logging in areas where previously only expensive and slow special logging methods have been used. The winch speed is automatically synchronized to machine driving speed so the operator doesn’t need to operate or adjust it during normal work. Cable tension can be set and winch can be operated from a remote control unit, making it easy to hook the cable to e.g. a tree or a stump uphill. Optional tiltable loader makes loader working efficient and easy.

PONSSE Synchrowinch is available for PONSSE Ergo and Bear harvesters and Buffalo, Elephant and ElephantKing forwarders.


1. Traction assistance winch helps to maintain high productivity also in steeper terrain because of:

- Forwarding is possible to both directions (no need for separate route with full loads).
- Due to the tiltable seat the driver can keep a relaxed sitting position while working on steep slopes. This makes the work ergonomical and less tiring.
- In case of machine tipping or rolling over operator is safe (cabins fulfill international standards for safety).

2. Traction assistance winch helps to widen the area of operation - same machines can handle also steeper places. No need to employ additional machinery or other harvesting methods (like cable skidders, manual felling) in the same logging site.

3. With traction assistance winch energy efficiency is approx. 80%; because of direct transmission of traction force to movement and no slip. No slipping means mitigated impact to soil and lower erosion risk by reducing track formation. Lower fuel consumption and decreased transmission part wearing are pros of traction assistance compared to operating without winch in slopes.

4. Investment cost compared to fully mechanized cable yarding systems is remarkably lower. Traction assistance logging has lower transporting costs (two machines vs. four machines) and system involves only two operators at the same time.


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