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  • PONSSE Simulator with 360VR goggels


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Simulator training is an efficient way of teaching future operators the basic functions of a forest machine. In addition, simulators are an economic means of providing sufficient practice before moving on to training that takes place in the forest environment. PONSSE Simulators provide a modern learning environment for training that involves the operation of harvesters and forwarders and the PONSSE Opti data systems. Our range of simulators ranges from harvester simulators to forwarder simulators.

The PONSSE Simulator makes the training of different work stages
within the entire machine chain possible. The genuine Opti control system
of harvesters and forwarders can be included in Seat and Compact
simulators. In addition to being able to work and drive the machine freely
around the logging site and view the landscape from different perspectives,
the driver can transport processed trees to the storage using a
forwarder, while learning to evaluate the work quality and its impact on
A three-display system, calibration calipers and the SimTrainer training
management system are available as optional equipment.



The aim of the training is to develop the driver’s skills. When driving a modern forest machine, the driver must have good coordination and the ability to handle computer systems and technology. In PONSSE Simulator special attention has been paid so that practicing can be tailored according to the student’s skills level. The purpose of thematic exercises is to achieve specific training objectives. They restrict some functions or include additional training features. Our simulators come with training packages that start with simple basic tasks and increase the level of difficulty and challenges as the trainee
begins to accumulate skills. Teachers can also modify the thematic exercises or create entirely new ones.


Giving feedback is an important part of a training situation. Versatile feedback reports with modifiable grading systems help the teacher to give personalised, wide-ranging feedback in which attention can be paid to matters that are crucial for the student’s development.


A useful exercise takes into account both training objectives and content. The PONSSE Simulator provides the teacher with good tools to create different types of exercise scenarios according to the requirements of each training situation. Practice sessions can be created using both harvester and forwarder simulators. Thanks to a site saving feature, sites can be saved with the desired name and the exercise in question can be resumed later. The saving feature is especially helpful if the site is large or the exercise must be interrupted for some reason. It is also possible to transfer an exercise from one simulator to another. A site in the harvester simulator can also be used in simulators including only a forwarder. This means that the simulator can be used to make the forest operators’ working methods efficient and profitable from the very beginning. The simulator exercises have been made more interesting by introducing a scoring aspect reminiscent of computer gaming.


The training programmes have been equipped with a SimTrainer application for the purposes of managing exercises and credits. This application allows teachers to create training modules for a specific student or a group of students. The training modules include the desired courses in addition to enabling student-specific monitoring of course performance. The SimTrainer training management application interacts with forest machine simulators in such a way that the teacher can compose the courses he or she desires in accordance with the syllabus.


The PONSSE harvester simulator allows to practice actual harvesting tasks, perform different thematic exercises and study the operation and use of a machine’s control and measurement system. In addition, it is possible to freely create different exercises with the simulator and to transfer them from one simulator to another. With the PONSSE forwarder simulator the user can practice the driving and loading of forwarder and the controlling of crane in real conditions. The thematic exercises of a forwarder simulator can include practicing the handling of a boom from one point to another, loading and unloading activities involving various kinds of starting points, as well as realistic site exercises, which can also include site planning. The PONSSE Simulator is an excellent tool for training operators and drivers, regardless of whether the training objectives consist of basic training, product training or adjustment training.