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PONSSE Performance Packages


PONSSE Performance Packages are designed for improved basic servicing or updating of forest machines. Performance Packages can be used to update larger systems on forest machines, such as the harvester head, crane or base machine, so that they are as good as new. This helps to maintain the machine’s performance year in and year out.

PONSSE Performance Packages improve the properties of your forest machine. The ready-made Performance Packages also enable fast updates of older machines so they comply with modern standards. You get a more profitable and economical machine with a longer service life.

Performance Packages include all the parts needed for basic servicing of a certain part of the machine. The packages are ready-made, enabling fast and money-saving machine updates. You can also avoid extra downtime by conducting preventive servicing using Performance Packages. The updates will be proactively performed in connection with improved basic servicing, for example, helping you to maximise the profitability of your machine.